6 Ways to Uncover Your Customers’ Purchasing Habits

use data to uncover purchasing habits
When your sales aren’t hitting the numbers you hoped for or the phone isn’t ringing as often as it should, the solution could be hiding in your data.

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When your sales aren’t hitting the numbers you hoped for or the phone isn’t ringing as often as it should, the solution could be hiding in your data. Your analytics are the key to uncovering customer purchasing habits so that you can better target your sales and marketing efforts. This means you are better positioned to:

  • Capture new leads
  • Cultivate profitable relationships
  • Convert more leads to sales
  • Captivate the loyalty and enthusiasm of existing customers

Where to Find Data About Purchasing Habits

Most businesses have a wealth of information readily available through these six sources. At 33Dolphins Growth Strategy, we use customer data from all six of these buckets to reveal the paths to purchase for our clients.

  1. Mine Your Web Analytics: There is a wealth of market intelligence available on the Internet. Combined with the information stored within your website, social audiences and email analytics from your server logs, you can paint a fairly comprehensive picture of your target market.
  2. Scour Search Data: Dig into your search console, keyword data in advertising accounts, and if you have search tools embedded in your website, what and how users are searching on your site are invaluable signals about purchase intent.
  3. Social Media: The average Internet user spends several hours a day surfing social media. And social media platforms are tracking every nuance of those interactions to build comprehensive profiles of user preferences so that they can serve up relevant content and advertising. Take advantage of the audience development tools offered by your favourite social platforms to gain insight into your customers’ information and shopping preferences.
  4. Crowd-Sourced Insight: Ask your customers for feedback. This doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use free NPS templates inside many do-it-yourself survey programs, engage via chatbots or live chats on your website, or post questions to the many forums literally at your fingertips.
  5. Transactional Records: This is the data that you ask for when fulfilling a transaction for your customer. It will depend on the type of company you are and your relationship with your customer. It can include financial information, credit card purchases, postal code information, and so on.
  6. Mobile Engagements: Use of mobile devices is increasing, offering a whole new insight into how people interact with their world. New data is created by every app and service a person signs up for. And the providers are avidly watching their consumer usage patterns. With the right data in place and a clear, comprehensive customer view, you can pinpoint any number of hidden revenue opportunities.

Turning Data Into Insight

Of course, once you’ve compiled the data, it’s time to turn it into actionable information. The true value of your data is the role it plays in developing an informed revenue operations strategy that brings more qualified leads to your sales funnel. The ability to convert distributed data points into usable information about the purchasing habits of your ideal customers will give you the insights you need so that you can pivot your marketing to attract more sales-qualified leads.

Need help? Talk to us about how to leverage customer insights to grow you business.


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