33Dolphins Awarded Approved Digital Advisor Status With CDAP

CDAP Boost Your Business Technology Grand
33Dolphins is proud to have been selected as an approved digital advisor for the CDAP program.

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The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), designed to help close the digitization gap between Canadian businesses and their competitors, provides $1.4 billion in funding to help SMEs across the country digitize their businesses.

The details for funding include:

  • A free digital self-assessment tool for businesses to evaluate your own digital readiness.
  • A grant covering 90% of your eligible costs to working with an approved digital advisor develop a digital adoption plan for your business, up to a maximum grant value of of $15,000.
  • Access to additional supports in the form of wage subsidies and 0% interest loans to help with implementation.

Click here to see if you qualify & find out how to apply.

33Dolphins is proud to have been selected an approved digital advisor for the CDAP program. 

In order to be qualified as a digital advisor, companies must undergo a rigorous application and vetting process, demonstrating they have the experience, knowledge and skill to guide businesses through the digital transformation journey.

What Does a Digital Advisor Do

A digital advisor is an experienced technology strategist who works closely with you to understand the heartbeat of your business, then applies their deep knowledge and experience leading digital transformation to pinpoint where & how you can use technology to make your business more competitive.

At 33Dolphins, we specialize in enabling marketing and sales teams to be more productive, operate more efficiently, and deliver stronger results. Our clients report that getting a handle on their sales & marketing tech:

  • eliminates wasted marketing spend
  • brings your ideal customer profile into clear focus
  • improves conversion rates throughout your sales pipeline
  • simplifies sales management and reporting
  • improves the relationship between sales & marketing
  • Improves retention by reducing marketing overwhelm & burnout

Meet Our CDAP Advisor

33Dolphins founder, Paula Skaper, leads all of our digital advisory projects. Paula has nearly three decades of experience as a business technology strategist, supporting organizations in multiple industries to navigate change through digital transformation. Her CV includes launching some of Canada’s first user update-able websites in the mid-90’s, helping retail powerhouses like London Drugs and Future Shop/Best Buy launch e-commerce & leading the strategy team that worked with HSBC Bank USA to introduce online banking services.

Since the early 2000’s, Paula has focused on helping BC businesses grow by engaging their customers online, working with her clients through full spectrum of digital change – from the selection & deployment of sales & marketing technology through the change management, training, and strategic planning that ensure success. 

To learn more about whether your business qualifies for the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, visit our CDAP Information Centre

For more information, please visit the federal government’s website.

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