Case Study: Ammolite Technology

Preparing for Growth

Ammolite Technology

Ammolite Technology is a provider of IT services based in Victoria, BC.

In just a few years, the organization has grown from an independent consulting service to a thriving small business that serves clients throughout BC and Alberta.

Ammolite’s early success was the result of investing in both marketing services and technologies, but growth had come so quickly that most decisions were reactive and made on the fly.

The Challenges

Growth had slowed, with no obvious explanations. At the same time, ongoing agency fees were continuing to burn up budget.

The leadership team was overwhelmed with the volume of marketing ‘tasks’ and struggling to see the forest for the trees.

Ammolite asked 33Dolphins to help them optimize their marketing tech stack, reignite their growth, & get routine marketing tasks off the CEO’s desk . 

Results We Achieved

The Bottom Line

Clarity on Ideal Customer Profile

As a growing business, Ammolite had a very diverse client mix, with a broad spectrum of needs (and budgets). Through the Growth Architecture Workshop, we were able to identify the subsets of clients who most benefited from the company’s strengths, with sufficient potential to deliver on the founder’s growth goals.

Simplified Marketing Mix

Not having to be everywhere, all at once, means that Ammolite’s marketing team can focus their attention on bing more effective in the places that it matters most.

By focus marketing efforts on only those channels that are important to their target ICPs, the company is achieving stronger results with a lot less effort, resulting in a much higher return on their marketing investment.

Framework for Marketing Management

The growth blueprint maps out a clear framework for managing the marketing function of the organization, so that the company has the tools needed to make ongoing investment decisions that are aligned to the bigger picture strategic plan.

Better ROI on Marketing Technology

Combing a clear ICP with a simpler marketing mix empowers Ammolite to streamline the marketing and sales technology stack. This means that they can maximize the value derived from their existing CRM, while also eliminating wasted expense from unnecessary tools that were eating away at profit margins.

How We Solved It

A Comprehensive Marketing Roadmap

Our team worked with Ammolite Technology’s leadership so that they could clearly articulate their value proposition in a way that resonates with the subset of their customer base that is most profitable, and presents the strongest opportunity for growth. As a result, Ammolite was able to quickly identify partners and acquisition targets that have the potential to dramatically accelerate the organization’s growth.

Once we had clearly defined the target customer, Ammolite was able to more easily differentiate itself in a crowded market by developing productized offerings that offered real value to their ideal customers, removing friction from the pipeline in the process.

An audit of the company’s use of an existing CRM uncovered significant untapped potential which, once implemented, would streamline the organization’s marketing efforts. A plan to achieve this goal was developed that used the company’s existing resources, by reallocating budget from wasted spend and mapping out a staged approach to implementation that allows for internal skills development as the organization grows.

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