Case Study: Destination BC

Aligning Stakeholder Outreach Across the Enterprise

Destination BC

Destination BC is the DMO for the Province of British Columbia. The organization manages an expansive and complex marketing effort for one of the most desirable vacation destinations in the world.

Keeping industry stakeholders – from owner/operators to corporate partners, government and municipal / regional DMOs – informed about efforts on their behalf is crucial to the success of its programs. 

At the same time, privately operated, for-profit, online travel and destination review sites were competing for both attention and marketing dollars with the DMO.

The Challenges

Hospitality operators in the province were struggling to understand the value of the DMO in the context of emerging online platforms that were quickly gaining popularity among travellers.

At the same time, the organization needed to ensure that key stakeholders were informed and updated about the rapidly changing travel landscape in the province.

The existing supplier was struggling to maintain the level of accuracy and efficiency required from a large provincial organizatoon, creating unnecessary work for an already stretched internal team.

Results We Achieved

The Bottom Line

Highlight Stakeholder Value

We designed and built a system to deliver individualized program results directly to the inboxes of each accommodations and attractions owner in the province, including both overall program data alongside the specific metrics for their individual properties.

Increase Media Coverage

We worked closely with the communications team to deliver both story ideas and publication ready content directly to journalists worldwide, significantly increasing the frequency with which the province was highlighted as a desirable travel destination in key travel media channels.

Streamline Stakeholder Communications

A monthly corporate newsletter keeps stakeholders throughout the province updated. The newsletter shares awards and successes that reinforce the work being done by the DMO on behalf of business owners, while simultaneously delivering timely information about marketing programs & brand guidelines to support a cohesive destination brand across the province.

Empower Urgent & Targeted Messages

The newsletter program created the foundation to allow for highly targeted outreach to specific stakeholder groups in response to relevant events in their regions – whether that be an upcoming media tour, a change to industry regulations, or a natural disaster such as a fire or flood.

How We Solved It

Driving Engagement With Email

Our team worked with Destination BC to revamp the entire email marketing outreach program around the needs of stakeholders, nurturing an engaged and appreciative audience. By ensuring that updates, offers & promotions were delivered directly to industry partners in a consumable, helpful fashion, Destination BC was able to significantly increase participation in programs across all areas of the organization.

Taking a holistic approach to managing the stakeholder email outreach programs across the organization’s many departments created cost efficiencies in the program, while improving data security and compliance.

Implementing a structured approach to campaign management provided clear guidelines for content and manageable development timelines meant saying good-bye to embarrassing errors, improving overall efficiency & stakeholder satisfaction.

This centralized approach ultimately paved the way for the next level of growth – bringing management of the entire program in-house once a stable, repeatable process and cadence had been established and the necessary skillset became available internally.

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