Behind Our Brand Reinvention

our brand was like an old hairstyle - past its best by date
It quickly became clear that our name, much like my hairdo from the 90’s, was far past its best by date. It was time for a makeover.

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You know that feeling after a day at the fair – you’ve been eating too much cotton candy, and maybe taken one too many rides on the Enterprise. You’re wrung out, your head is spinning, and you’ve completely lost all pretence at maintaining your equilibrium. Well the last 18 months have had the same effect on business as an overzealous day at the fair. What worked in 2019 was based on assumptions that simply are no longer true today – everything you thought you knew has been turned upside down. For us, that included our brand.

You can’t sail into the future while gripping tightly to the past. Nor can we. Our team has had to reimagine everything we thought we knew about achieving business growth for our clients. We’ve had to reimagine our entire business model – as have many of you.

Me, circa 1995 just before my wedding.New Business Model, Outdated Brand

So this summer we decided to turn the microscope on ourselves with a little help from our good friends over at Pear Advertising & Design.

It quickly became clear that the name Kinetix Media Communications, much like my hairdo from the 90’s, was no longer a fit. It was time for a major change.

I asked for a name as unexpected and memorable as the work we deliver for you. A name that would at once communicate our unique strengths and our collaborative approach. It had to be impactful, because our work is impactful. And it had to be fun, because we all need to smile more.

Oh! And short. The name had to be short and easy to spell. That was my ‘diva’ request. Why? After 20+ years of  answering the question “what’s your email?” with “p.s.K-as-in-kitten.a.p-as in Paula.e.r @ – all one word – dot com” can you blame me?! And yes, that really was the sum total of the brief.

So, drumroll… please join me in celebrating our new name and our new brand.


Why 33Dolphins

Combined, the elements of our name embody my personal commitment to making your most outrageous growth dreams possible, while having some fun in the process.

33 is the most powerful of the master numbers 11, 22, & 33 that make up the ‘Triangle of Enlightenment’. It signifies the effort, experience, and integrity required to bring life to the vision of those we work with.

Dolphins are most commonly known for their intuition, intelligence, and ability to communicate well. They are also very community-focused, strategic, and compassionate. It is not uncommon to hear of dolphins swimming alongside people, guiding them to a better place and providing the right amount of support along the way. Which is exactly what we do for you.

You can read the full story behind our name here.

The Substance Behind the Brand

Over the past year, you have been turning to us to help you navigate rapid change in sales and marketing. When you started sharing results like exponential growth, reduced spend on non-productive marketing activity, and better control over budgets when you reduce your dependence on outsourced vendors – well we knew we were on to something special.

We help businesses to:

We also continue to support our clients by providing the skilled expertise you’ve always counted on to get you through the hurdles of launching new programs or ramping up your existing automation, sales enablement, and digital marketing programs.

Got It. Now What?

If you’re serious about taking action and committed to optimizing your results in the coming year, why not get some time in my calendar to find out if we can help. Or you can shoot me a quick email to start the conversation. It will cost you nothing and I promise, I won’t waste your time. In no more than 15 minutes, we’ll both know if it makes sense to keep talking. What happens after that is entirely up to you.


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