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The Digital Divide

Does it ever feel like technology is taking up more and more of your budget, but delivering fewer and fewer benefits? It’s no wonder. The marketing technology landscape is complex and evolving constantly. 

Marketing teams are ill equipped to keep up with the pace of change. You’ve invested in a SaaS to make things better, but it feels like they’re either going nowhere or getting worse & you find yourself struggling to generate the results you envisioned. You’re caught in the trap of the digital divide.

Close The Gap

Many marketing leaders are unaware of the true scope of change that digital adoption will require. It seems so easy in the sales call when the vendor is showing off all the cool things you can do. It’s not so easy a month later when your team is complaining that the tech is hard to use & you’re struggling to remember how to pull those snazzy reports.

The Dolphins have been leading digital adoption for marketing and sales teams for more than two decades. We’ve helped countless organizations navigate the learning curve and embrace a digital first revenue engine that supports both sales and marketing success. We can help you too.

Marketing Ops Health Check

You’ve invested in marketing technology, but you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your systems and structure, so that you can see exactly where your marketing ops team is stuck and know what to do to fix it.

Schedule Your Marketing Opts Health Check.

Mar-Tech Vendor Selection

The number of technology options facing you is overwhelming. Choose the wrong vendors and you’ll either block your team’s success or leave them stuck with a Ferrari in the driveway but no budget left to put gas in the tank. We help you understand your options so that you can make an informed choice.

Request a complimentary first consultation.  

Marketing Automation Strategy

You know where you want to go, you’re just now sure how to get there. You’ve got a brilliant, hard working team with a lot of great ideas that just needs support to map out your automation strategy and make sure they’ve considered all the risks and opportunities. 

Our seasoned facilitators will lead your team to develop your marketing automation roadmap that builds internal capacity, identifies quick wins, and maps out your first campaign in detail. Ask about facilitated strategic planning.

Automate Your Sales Pipeline

Your sales team is struggling with digital adoption. and virtual selling. And you’re struggling to deliver a consistent sales process in a world of remote sales management. It’s time consuming and conversion rates are slipping.

Using our Sales Pipeline Automation Process, you will uncover the quick-win opportunities to automate your existing sales process, and understand how to support your team to consistently exceed targets while selling virtually.  Tap into our sales automation expertise.

From Strategy through Implementation

Digital Adoption For Sales & Marketing

In this technology-driven economy, companies that lag behind in digital adoption lose sales to more forward thinking competitors.

Your business needs to adopt a cohesive digital strategy to compete (and win). We help you develop the right digital adoption strategy for your business so that you can compete successfully on the global stage.

33Dolphins is An Approved Digital Advisor For

Canada's Digital Adoption Program

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is available to SME’s across Canada and provides $1.4 billion in funding to help Canadian businesses become more competitive through digitization.

33Dolphins is proud to be an approved Digital Advisor under this program. Visit our CDAP Information Centre find out more about what grants are available and how to qualify.

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