Client Flow | The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room Podcast

Paula talks client flow with Steve Brossman on The Entrepreneurs Locker Room
Australian author, podcaster, Olympian and sales expert Steve Brossman talks client flow with 33Dolphins' founder Paula Skaper.

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Steve Brossman is an expert in the neuroscience of selling, a former Olympic athlete and the author of multiple best-selling books. Recently, Paula and Steve had a candid conversation about all things client flow and business growth on Steve’s video podcast, The Entrepreneur’s Locker Room. Click the video below to watch now.

Interview Highlights:

  • 01:10 The story about why we chose 33Dolphins as our new name.
  • 02:13 How a growth architect supports your business, and the three main areas where most companies get growth wrong.
  • 04:18 Some of the myths and misconceptions about choosing your target market, and the magic of finding your perfectly aligned community.
  • 06:30 How to avoid watching your best ideas walk out the door when a star employee leaves.
  • 09:10 What do spaghetti and your sales funnel have in common?
  • 11:50 The process to unblock the flow of clients into your business.
  • 15:00 How to find out more about the Client Flow Dambuster program.

Curious About Client Flow?

Do the opportunities and challenges Paula & Steve talk about resonate for you? Do you have questions about how to unlock a consistent flow of clients and opportunities for your business? Request a one on one Client Flow Dambuster call with Paula.

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